Experimenting with AI Text Generation

For this assignment, I used ChatGPT to generate a 250-word blog post about the impact that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has had on the U.S. economy. I had never used an AI text generator before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The response I got from ChatGPT was fairly basic and lacking in depth, thus lacking specific details about how the tour has actually impacted the economy. The ChatGPT version did not include any specific numbers regarding domestic or global economic revenue, nor how this tour has impacted the job market in terms of jobs created. Without proper information or context, the ChatGPT text was much less credible.

When I wrote my own version and added information and links to back up what ChatGPT was saying, I found that while AI technology may be beneficial for creating the outline for written work, it is superficial and would not be enough to create a substantial final product. I imagine that for any topic, the person trying to use AI for their work would have to go back and fix mistakes that were made, which might be more time-consuming than it would have been to write something from scratch.

I do not think I would use ChatGPT or another AI service like it again. I have very mixed feelings about the developments of AI technology and the potential ethical dilemmas that arise from them. I worry that technology like this will encourage people (particularly younger individuals who are growing up without any knowledge of life pre-Internet/social media) to use these technologies to cheat on their schoolwork instead of using their own knowledge and creativity. Overall, this assignment was very fun and I greatly enjoyed it!

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