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I have been very skeptical of AI-generated content since it recently gained popularity. There have been numerous discussions regarding the ethics of AI-generated content and whether it is taking away opportunities from photographers and artists, as companies looking for content can now more cheaply and easily use AI tools instead of paying for real artists’ work. I have also been very wary of supporting AI companies because some scholars and AI experts have found links to racism and sexism in AI generation tactics.

AI-generated images or videos can also cause harm if a person’s likeness is used to generate violent, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate content that is used to make it seem like they are participating in a lewd act. This is seen in AI-generated pornography which uses the facial features of a celebrity (or even a regular person) to create content that they are not truly in. Because of these things, I have never used AI tools and will most likely try to avoid them in the future. However, for this assignment, I used Bing’s free AI image creator, which uses the same technology as DALL-E.

For my images, I wanted to recreate an image of the Cathedral of John the Baptist that I saw last summer during my study abroad in Lyon, France. I was captivated by this cathedral and spent much of my time in Lyon in or around the cathedral. The first image is one that I took on my iPhone. This is a photo of a cathedral pillar taken from the ground.

Cath├ędrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Lyon, France – Tessa Brainard, 2022

Cath├ędrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste – photo by Chance Agrella from Freerange Stock

The second photo is a Stock Image by photographer Chance Agrella from Freerange Stock. It is a photo of the same pillar of the cathedral from a different angle. It was also presumably taken using a higher-quality camera than an iPhone. I chose this image because when I searched “French cathedral” on the stock image website, it was the only one of the same church.

Bing Image Creator – Created with AI using the description: “outside Lyon, France cathedral tower with cross up angle.”

The third photo is the AI-generated image from Bing’s AI Image Creator. I searched “Lyon, France cathedral tower with cross up angle,” and this image was generated. It is not exactly like the other two images, but it was the closest one out of the four images that were generated.

Overall, this was a very interesting assignment. I don’t plan on using AI tools again, but I understand the appeal.

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