24-Hour Media Diary (3/18/23)

7 am – wake up and check on Instagram. I first encountered a post for a story on ABC15 News about former president Trump potentially being arrested. I quickly found the link to the article on the ABC15 website and then checked my CNN app to verify the story with this article

8 am – I talked to a few friends over iMessage and forwarded them the articles I found about Trump potentially being arrested. They let me know that they had seen Tweets about the story late last night but weren’t sure if they were true.

9 am – I went back through the camera roll in my phone and I viewed the videos and photos I took during opening night of Tayor Swift’s Eras Tour in Glendale, AZ while listening to a Spotify playlist of her songs. I posted my photos to Instagram and posted a few Instagram stories.

10 am – ran a few errands with my mom and listened to a Spotify playlist I made last year! I also checked Twitter and retweeted a tour announcement from my favorite artist, Hozier.

11 am – I checked Hozier’s website to verify tour dates and see the venue of the Phoenix date on November 1. I found the same tour announcement on Instagram and sent it to one of my friends who is also a fan so we could plan to go together.

12 pm – Read the article by Emily Vagra and Leticia Bode about the definition of misinformation and how to understand and combat the spread of it. This article was very important to read because it provided more insight on the real meaning behind misinformation and helped illustrate subtle ways that it can be a threat.

1 pm – I went on Twitter and followed updates of the March Madness match between Duke and the Tennessee Volunteers. I currently live in Tennessee and I am a big Vols fan.

2 pm – I watched a YouTube video about the ICC issuing an arrest warrant for Vladmir Putin. Putin is a very controversial figure and there is a lot of misinformation surrounding him and the war in Ukraine, as well as other controversial things he has done. There were different comments on the video stating things like, “Remember, when the media says something, it is always the opposite.” This shows that there is a lot of distrust towards media outlets and the way news is presented, which helps explain how easily misinformation can be spread; if the general public does not trust the media, “underground” news sources can gain traction more easily and spread false stories.

3 pm – I completed some homework for some of my other classes and ready the textbook World Religions in America by Jacob Neuser to learn more about religious groups and rituals within the United States. For my assignments, I had to do independent research on the Navajo tribe and their medicine and healing rituals. I found this source about the practice of medical rituals and the training behind becoming a shaman and healer.

4 pm – I watched West Side Story on Disney+ as background noise while I worked on another assignment. I have seen this movie multiple times and I know it very well so I did not need to pay close attention to it. However, when I’m consuming news or information I try my best to be present and fully absorb what I’m listening to or reading to ensure that I am not getting any details wrong. Passive listening can increase the risk of understanding an inaccurate interpretation of news and if this interpretation is spread, it can spiral into even further misinformation.

7 pm – I went on Tiktok and sent a few videos to my friends. My TikTok For You Page tends to be recipes, fashion, book recommendations, or concert videos. Lately there have been a lot of videos of people preparing to go to the Eras Tour.

8 pm – I scrolled through my CNN app and read an article about Wyoming outlawing abortion pills. The debate about abortion care access has been raging across the United States for generations, but especially within the last year. With the overturn of Roe v. Wade, emotions and opinions are running high and as a result, there is a lot of animosity between both sides of the issue. With such high emotion, information can easily be misconstrued, which obviously contributes to the spread of misinformation.

9 pm – I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and listened to Taylor Swift’s Reputation album before going to bed.

  • Overall from this assignment I did find myself fact-checking a few different sources, particularly if I encountered a story from Instagram or Twitter rather than from my news apps. I currently have the CNN app and the ABC15 app and I will cross-reference a story using both sources. I wish I were able to dedicate more time to truly do some digging and find more sources behind news stories I read. It is easy to fall into the habit of skimming news stories and not getting the full, clear picture. This assignment again reminded me to be more present while learning about current events and do my research thoroughly before spreading a story.

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