Audio Post – Lizzo

I have been an avid consumer of celebrity news and “drama” over the years. I think it is fascinating how deeply celebrities permeate our culture and how many people aim to emulate them. However, there is a very fine line between being a fan of a celebrity and worshiping them. It can quickly become dangerous… Continue reading Audio Post – Lizzo

Vlog Post – Barbie (2023)

Last weekend, I saw the Barbie Movie (2023) directed by Greta Gerwig. Gerwig has been my favorite director since I saw her directorial debut, Lady Bird, in 2017. I was 16 years old when this movie was released, and I was floored by how perfectly Gerwig encapsulated the experience of a teen girl growing up… Continue reading Vlog Post – Barbie (2023)

Blog with Pictures

I have been very skeptical of AI-generated content since it recently gained popularity. There have been numerous discussions regarding the ethics of AI-generated content and whether it is taking away opportunities from photographers and artists, as companies looking for content can now more cheaply and easily use AI tools instead of paying for real artists’… Continue reading Blog with Pictures

Misinformation Education: Do Contraceptives Cause Abortion?

For my project, I made at TikTok debunking claims that contraception either causes abortion or leads to higher rates of abortion. These claims are verifiably false and can create dangerous misconceptions about reproductive health. I feel very strongly about this topic and felt that it was important to discuss. The audience for this video is… Continue reading Misinformation Education: Do Contraceptives Cause Abortion?

Using the Trust Indicators

With misinformation becoming more present in the media viewers encounter every day, it is important to know which sources to trust and determine whether or not the stories we are reading are informative and accurate. Through using the Trust Indicators, I examined the Arizona Daily Independent and the Scottsdale Independent to see how they measure… Continue reading Using the Trust Indicators

Assessing Instagram and Twitter’s Attempts to Curb Misinformation

As the spread of misinformation continues to overtake the Internet, social media unfortunately serves as a channel for those wishing to spread falsehoods in a quick, efficient manner. While social media platforms do the best they can, misinformation is still difficult to combat and no platform is doing so perfectly. However, even little steps that… Continue reading Assessing Instagram and Twitter’s Attempts to Curb Misinformation